Ficto | Immersive short-form entertainment created by Hollywood talent, and built around your mobile

The one million

It’s time to level the playing field for creators.

To celebrate our launch, we’re offering $1 million to the first creator whose episode gets 1 million unique views. It’s time for things to change: streaming doesn’t need to be a black box anymore.  And best of all: race, gender, class, geography and fees shouldn’t matter either. Anyone can enter, and anyone can win.

Features, shows, shorts and more…

Send us what you made! Fill out the application. It takes 5 minutes and it doesn’t cost you anything. 

If we think it’s right for Ficto, one of our series managers will be in touch. Whether it’s a feature, short or series, our goal is to help you serialize it for mobile and ensure it looks beautiful in vertical. This is all part of our bigger vision to create a new format: Fast Fiction. We believe that by standardizing short series we will create new opportunities for creators to connect with a larger audience and get paid.

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You own it

We are creators too and we know how important ownership is. With Ficto you retain all ownership rights over your content.  It’s yours and will always be yours.


1 million 💸

for 1 million 👀

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If early televisions were designed to hold in your hand, content today would look a lot different. Ficto is an entirely new form of entertainment for the 21st century.