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Ficto is a subscription app that drops you into the action. Feel what it’s like to drive the pace, perspective and more…and discover new shows every week.

Our Fast Fiction format

Ficto combines compelling series with mobile functionality – all in vertical, and delivered in snackable 10-minute episodes. Over 50 new shows coming this summer. Sign up for $3.99 per month.

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We stand up for those who create.

We’re proud to be the first mobile-only streaming platform to offer verifiable revenue share to our artists. Get paid based on how often your episode is viewed. Real money, deposited to your bank account at the end of the month.

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1 million 💸

for 1 million 👀.

We’re paying $1 million to the first creator with an episode that reaches one million unique views on Ficto. Submit your feature, show or short today. 

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If early televisions were designed to hold in your hand, content today would look a lot different. Ficto is an entirely new form of entertainment for the 21st century.