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The million dollar episode

Earn $1 million dollars for 1 million unique views

Today at Ficto, we’re opening submissions to professional artists around the world. Our team is looking at everything: shorts, features, television shows, web series and more. If accepted, we provide you with tools to serialize and verticalize your content for Ficto.

The Ficto app launches to consumers on iOS and Android this summer.

If you are the first artist with an episode that receives one million unique views, Ficto will pay you $1 million dollars. Real money deposited into your bank account.

— Apply now

Only the best of the best will be accepted and stream on the Ficto app this summer. The race is on to see which episode will be the first to hit the magic million.

Ficto is partnered with DECENT, an international blockchain company based in Switzerland known for creating the renowned DCore blockchain platform. With this cooperation, as soon as an episode on the Ficto platform registers one million unique views, DECENT’s encrypted ledger, DCore, simultaneously initiates a process that deposits funds in the recipient’s bank account. Push notifications and emails will immediately stream the winning episode to all Ficto creators and users, denoting it as the first to reach a million unique views. It’s verifiable, transparent and immutable.

How do we do this? 50% of our subscription and advertising revenue comes off the top every month and goes into a “creator pool.” This money is then allocated to artists based on a ratio relative to their episodes’ unique view count.

Ficto is empowering artists by rewriting the rules on how they get paid.

Ficto’s “Million for Million” bonus is our way of demonstrating how serious we are.

The doors are open. Who will be the first to a million?

— Enter Millions

If early televisions were designed to hold in your hand, content today would look a lot different. Ficto is an entirely new form of entertainment for the 21st century.